FML 3000 R ”Robot”

The FML 3000 RFrame Maker Line 3000 Robot” is an automatic frame maker assembly line with lots of features and add on options to suite your products!

The  FML 3000 R  can be a combination of one of the FML 3000 S, FLM 3000 M or FML 3000 C lines together with one or more robots!

Robots can for example be placed at one of the feature/add on stations, at the infeed/loading station or at the out feed. This makes the line suited for unmanned production during coffee breaks, lunch and after hours etc.

Robots from different suppliers and with different capacities can be used to suite our customers specific needs.

* The FML 3000 R has three standard production modes:
– One is that the machine line production order is based on production data from an overhead system.

 – The other is based on what frame the operator puts onto the line, the size of frame is than measured in the size    control station and the rest of the line adjust automatically according to this information!

  – Production data from bar code or RFID etc.

Sample of possible features/add on options!  
–  extra option stations (one is standard)
–  drilling and or milling units
–  hinge assembly
–  glue, silicon or rubber list attachment with robots
–  labels other marking
– extra robots

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