FM 3000 ”Stand alone”

The ”Frame MakerFM 3000 from EDEV is a four (4) corner connector that crimps / connects all corners simultaneously.

”Why manualy turn the same frame 4 times when you can compleate the frame in one”!

The FM 3000 is extreamly fast and uses servo for positioning and hydraulics for the crimping/pressing! It can also automatically change/index for next frame size etc.

The EDEV FM 3000 can connect all four (4) corners at the same time e.g. windows, doors and other frame products. The simultaneous crimping/connecting has many advantages, it gives you faster production, high precision and extremely good diagonal symmetry. All profile cutting tolerances are equally split on all four (4) corners. The FM 3000 controls and warns automatically if there are length ”errors” compared to the expected one! The FM 3000 is operated and controlled by an industrial PC with an HMI based on WINDOWS®. The operator places the frame in position, the machine handles the rest!

The operator places the frame, connected with corner pieces  into FM 3000. Than the machine automatically adjusts to the desired frame size, the frame is centered and than positioned by the servo motors. All corners get processed/ crimped with knives and hydraulic pressure, thay makes ”flap stamps” into the aluminum profile and that interlock with the corner pieces.

Frame Maker data:
Max. frame size: FM 3000  3000×2000 or 2000x3000mm*
Max. frame size: FM 2000  2000×2000 or 2000x2000mm*
Min Frame size:      385x385mm*

Pressing power:      Hydraulic
Air connection:       6 – 7 bar
Positioning:             Servomotors
Crimping heads:      1 fixed and 3 auto positioned

Electric power:       3x400V, 50Hz, (standard)
Network connection:     YES
* Depending on profile crosscut!



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