FLOWLINE systems includes a wide range of several modules which together makes it possible to “put in a raw extrusion in one end, and out comes finished aluminum products that can be taken care of by a robot that sorts, and puts it into preferred racks, pallets etc”. After close studying of the aluminum processing market, we have come to the conclusion that no other suppliers on the market of today can offer a system with the same high-end speed, quality and/or efficiency as the FLOWLINE. Most other companies offer solutions without this type of complete “flow”, meaning i.e. more manual labour, more production time needed, higher cost etc. etc.

EDEV offers you, free of charge, to go through your production and products. We will than based on the result make you layouts and offers for a customized system with standard modules. We will also make production calculations that will help you make your investment calculation etc. We guarantee all our calculations!

Samples of modules for FLOWLINE:

Infeed Units
Infeed units are designed for ergonomic, gentle and fast handling of aluminum profiles. There are different standard types of infeed units, all made for different type of production and for various profile types.
Feeding Units
Feeding units are designed for extremely fast and precise handling/feeding of aluminum profiles. There are different standard versions of feeding units available, all made for different type of production and various profile types. Single, double or batch profile feeding etc.
Working Centras
Working centras are designed for burr free, fast and precise machining of aluminum profiles. This includes drilling, milling and/or threading with 1 to 4 spindles simultaneous, all with high speed spindles ”42.000 rpm”. All working centras are 3 to 12 axis CNC, meaning that every spindle can move in tree axis. The design is made to manage all types of profiles, from thin and cranky to heavy and stiff. Also included is a special solution to avoid marks and scratches.
EDEV’s saws are ”world unique” in their structures and functionality. They are all extremely fast, CNC controlled, precise and stable.
Outfeed Units
Outfeed units are designed for gentle and fast handling of aluminum profiles/parts. There are different standard types of outfeed units available, all made for different type of production and for various profile types.

Printing  Units
Printing units are designed for in-line printing directly on profiles during profile feeding. We can offer automatically CNC controlled and adjustable units as well as units with fixed positions.
Robot handling Units
Robot handling units and systems are designed and ”integrated” into our machine system, both mechanically and electronically. We can also use more or less every ”brand” of standard robots. Robots are equipped with robot gripping tools to suite customers production needs.
Pallet and Cart Conveyors
Pallet and cart conveyors are designed for heavy loads as wells as the hard environment in an aluminum manufacture plant. In this units we can implement different accessories such as pallet/box centering unit, automatic detection of pallet/cart type, size etc.
Multifunction Units
Multifunction units are built up to do different operations simultaneously, and by that be able to produce parts with extremely short ”part times”. It includes profile transportation conveyors that are CNC controlled (part length and part height). You can choose between a variation of different modules that can or will be mounted on the frame. It can be modules like deburring units, inside and outside cleaning of profiles, automatic length measuring, drilling, milling or punching units, in-line marking with Ink jet, punching and or engraving etc. etc.
Rubberlist applicator
Automatic rubber list applicator is designed to apply rubberlist’s into aluminum profiles (this unit handles one or two profiles at the same time). The RBA unit can be used both in-line for example in a FLOWLINE and there be integrated with our Infeed system or of-line as a stand alone unit.

Control systems
Control system are designed with the latest technology of standard hardware and software. This enables the system to run in multitask mode without any delays, something that is common in traditional CNC systems. Although the latest technologies the control system is well tested and proven to be very reliable.
Customer designed units
We can implement units and machines from other suppliers into the FLOWLINE system. We can also design customer designed units ”customer protection”!


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