Automation and Technical consultance

”We can realize your thoughts!”

We have a great experience in automation project all over the world. Our projects has been in different fields of business like Printing Houses for Newspapers and magazines, Automotive Industries, Aluminium Extrusion Companies, Windows, doors and Facades Industries, Packing and distribution etc.
Try our grate knowledge in mechanical design and engineering, we have through out the years designed machines and machine systems that are world leading in regards to output, durability and quality! We can also offer simple or advanced control system technologie, this in a close relationship with a partner!

Our goal is to have satisfied customers, that are prepared for the future, ”TODAY”!
All work are being made in close partnership with the customer, we ”own” the project together and  therefore do we have a huge opportunity to make systems and machines that lasts for a long period of time!  We have togeterh with our customers designed products that still are manufacturing parts in
3 shifts and have done so for the past 20 years! Still effective and with high quality!  Beat that!

Already 30 years ago,  we made  ”one the worlds first patent robot applications”,  today robots is one of the main ingredient’s for a successful automation solution!

For example, we can help you in areas like;

– Automation and automation ideas.
– Know-how and brainstorming.
– New ideas and FLOWLINE thinking…..
– Capacity calculations.
– Flow charts and diagrams.
– Factory layouts.

– Mechanical construction and design in 2D or 3D
Mechanical ideas/prototypes
– Compleate designs of systems and/or machines
– Mechanical drawings
– Assambly drawings
– Patent drawings and sketches

– Documentation

– Technical documentation.
– Assembly instructions.
– Manuals, maintains, operating, safety, etc.
– Offers, quotations and orderconfirmations.

– Contacts / Partners
– Large sub-supplyer contact net with huge experince an machines and systems
– System control design
– Electrical componets / design
– Effective mechanical part production (large or small series)
– Mechanical and electrical assembly
– Pneumatic
– Hydrulic
– CE regulations
– Safety
– Translation of technical documentation


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